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3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Mother of the Bride Outfit

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Yes! - 3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Mother of the Bride - Mother-Bride.com

Tip #1 – Play with Patterns!

This outfit is a clear winning selection for anyone wanting to make a serious go at celebration and sophistication.

The cream jacket has accent lines which elongate the torso while generously drawing in the waistline without cutting the bodice into two parts. It is simply brilliant. Pure genius and truly sophisticated. Plus size women will be especially pleased with the visual playfulness of this jacket.

Condici - 11248 - mother-bride.com - M

Flirty and fun polka dots with a sleek ivory jacket


Not to be outdone by the jacket, the real highlight of this outfit is the print on the flirty knee-length dress. Polka-dots are always a fun choice and Condici‘s color choices are highly stylish for many seasons to come. You can’t go wrong with cream and black. The skirt on this dress plays with the light, airy effect that this silk brings to the table.

(Condici Style No. 11248)

Tip #2 – Use Colour Combinations Straight From Heaven!

Regardless of your shape or size, the wrong colour combination can really do damage to the overall impression of a fashion choice, not to mention the rest of the wedding party! But when colours combine, magic can really happen. Consideration needs to be made towards skin tone, the season of the occasion, and the combination of the colours in an outfit.

Condici - 70800N - mother-bride.com - M

Bon Bon Pink and Navy, a color combination straight from heaven!


Condici has done it again this season, with their classic yet modern color selections. This particular outfit features contrasting navy and bon bon pink with navy lace overlays. This dress waist falls just above the natural waist line with a bon bon pink belt effect. The bodice uses the navy lace overlay while the navy straight line skirt features flattering folds in the fabric to create dimension and height.

The bolero length jacket has a vertical neckline, curved corners, 3/4 length sleeves, and navy lace overlay on the cuffs. The matching hat does a fantastic job of creating length and height in the overall effect of the outfit. This selection is a great one for making a classic statement of celebration in color and modern style.

(Condici Style No. 70800N)

Tip #3 – Layer Yourself with Love!

Layers and texture allow women to work with what they’ve got, not fight against it. Layering pieces, texture of a garment, ruching along the sides – they are present us with really great tools to allow women to look their absolute best. Even better, is allowing an expert to dress you according to your physical and visual strengths. Boutique owners know how every body looks best with their products. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from the experts in the dress shoppes.

Condici - 90368 - mother-bride.com - M

For example, as part of Condici’s 2015 collection, this outfit makes a stunning combination. True to Condici’s specialty, this dress, jacket, and hat use luxurious three-dimensional grey silk that really sparkles. The empire-waisted dress has ruching throughout the straight line skirt and decorative floral beading across the waist. Both of these make for a flattering effect on any figure. The bodice of the dress has vertical rouching with cream accent color.

The jacket featured in this outfit has 3/4 length sleeves, accented with cream-colored cuffs. The hat has a gorgeously wide brim, which highlight facial structure and sparkling smiles. The diagonal darts and curves in this bolero jacket frame the face beautifully and elongate the neck.

(Condici style: 90368)