I must have tried on 125 wedding dresses. I got extremely anxious and overwhelmed

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Are you looking for you Mother of the Bride outfit or dress? You’ve probably seen your daughter’s struggle to find her dress. Here is a video of what happend once a year in Boston.

On shop, Filene’s Basement, has a huge sale. Brides team up and queue up to get the best dresses. There is a huge stampede and a lot of mistreatment of the dresses and each other. This video gives a sense of the madness.

One shopper talked about getting anxous and overwhelemd and we’ve seen that when Mothers of the Bride or Groom try on many many outfits and get conflicting advice from loved ones.  If you’d like a calm environment to buy your Mother of the Bride outfit or dress;  would like expert advice and would like a great selection of outfits, please ring Koulla on 020 8466 1576 and come to see us.