Zeila and Cabotine


Zeila and Cabotine slideshow and video (below) for the Mother of the Bride

Check if we have your size above in the slideshow for Zeila Mother of the Bride outfits.

Zeila Mother of the Bride outfits
Le Chic is a Premier stockist of Zeila with one of the biggest selections in London and the South East. Zeila specialises in dresses and outfits that evoke passion and intensity.

Cabotine Mother of the Bride outfits
Cabotine is the prestige line from the GN Design Group, and Le Chic Boutique is very excited to have become stockists of the Mother of the Bride collection headed up by the incredible Creative Director, Gema Nicolas. If offers flexibility and value for money.

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It is best viewed on a desktop where the Mother-of-the-Bride content above will just play. On a tablet, you may need to manually click to get the next segment of the Mother-of-the-Bride content.

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